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To my fellow CC Smart Mamas and Tutors:

WOW!  Thank you so much for visiting my website.  I am thrilled and honored to share a couple of my Classical Conversations game ideas with you as well as a couple new classroom tools I created.  My kids love the games!  They were created first and foremost to be used at home but of course, as a tutor, I used them during review time in my class as well. 

As of today, all of these items have been put on the C3 community with the exception of the Flashcard Fun "Jeopardy style: board (which I give instructions on how to make) and the Artists Power Points (which I am more than happy to email you).  They are just big files and thus, can't be uploaded to C3.  To find those that are on the At Home Sharing Center, please look for "uploaded by: jkdewey".  ENJOY!



This game is the first game I created.  If any of you have played the popular game, Sequence, you will catch on very quick. 

The spaces are color coded according to subjects: history sentences, timeline cards, geography, science, math, English, and Latin. I made two game boards - one for first semester information and one for second semester information.  The first semester board came in very handy over Christmas break.  The second semester board came in handy over spring break. 

Of course, put the two boards together and you have a fantastic way to review for Memory Master or work on that retention over the summer.  I have typed up directions for the 4 games I came up with using these boards, but I'm sure you Smart Mamas will come up with even more!









We also love CC Memory Master sticker charts.  I have one of these charts for each of my children.   Every Thursday night (before our Friday morning CC classes), we do our quizzing.  If they get the answer right, they get a sticker on their chart!  They love it and can have a constant visual reminder of what they know and what they need to work on.  Think of it like one of those fundraising thermometers - only this one shows you how ready your child is to do Memory Master proofing.  Even if they don't want to do Memory Master, it's just plain fun!  




In our family, we enjoy CC review time using games.  We play a lot of CC-Quest as well as a TON of Flashcard Fun!  If you would like to know how my board looks, here it is!  It follows the premise of the popular TV show Jeopardy, but instead of giving the answers, here, you ask the questions and the kids give the answers.  And of course, they get points and add them up.  Throw in a couple "double or triple point" hidden index cards and it makes drilling much more fun!

Grab a box of envelopes, a tri fold board, and some fun titles and there you go!  I use them in conjunction with the CC flashcards for each cycle.  The kids think this isn't school - this is playtime!

If you want to know how I made them, here are the instructions:

1 box of invitation sized envelopes
1 tri fold 36"x48" display board
1 box of Scotch photo split adhesives
Colored cardstock (I strongly advise against construction paper as the color fades)
Subject headings (can be done easily by hand or on the computer)

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at karin@jkdewey.com.



Our wonderful and wise director told us that this upcoming year, each tutor had to make a visual representation of the Scientific Method process and vocabulary words in our rooms for our visual learners.  Since I enjoy graphic design so much, I was thrilled with the assignment.  Here is the chart that I developed (pictured on left).

Likewise, I thought it would be beneficial to have a posted Classroom Expectations Chart for my Master's Students.  The picture below the Scientific Method chart is what I came up with to have displayed in my room.  I always tell my students on the first day that if they get in "trouble" in my class, it will be from violating one of my "p's."


(useful for all three cycles)

This 11x17 poster / chart shows the time period and musical period in which our Classical Conversations composers lived.  In addition to our 9, I have added several other well known composers.  The yellow bar across the top highlights key American History events so students can more accurately place our composers in history.  This has been EXTREMELY beneficial as we strive to create those "pegs" on our mental timelines.



(available for Cycle 2 and 3)

These power points include pictures of the artists themselves, the works they are known for, and some biographical information.  If you'd like them, please just drop me an email and let me know. karin@jkdewey.com



I did not originally come up with this idea.  I'm not sure if it was my director or if she got the idea from someone else, but when she lost the file, she asked me to recreate it.  In our community, we have these two charts laminated back to back and use them in the younger classes.  Students can visually put markers, M&Ms, or anything else you can think of on them to practice their skip counting.  When my daughter was an Abecedarian, her tutor did "marshmallow math" and had them skip count and put mini marshmallows on their charts.  It was so much fun!














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